Rockwell Toughness Testing

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In this experiment eight samples of 8620 steel were tested using heat treating, quenching, and tempering. One sample was normalized by heat treating, one was annealed by heat treating and oven cooling, one sample was water quenched, and the final five samples were oil quenched. Four of the oil quenched samples were tempered at the following temperatures: 1000°F, 1100°F, 1200°F, and 1300°F. Each sample underwent Rockwell Hardness testing and three Izod Impact Toughness Tests and the averaged results are shown in Figure 1 As can be seen in the graph, water quenched yielded the highest average hardness of 63.484 Rockwell Hardness C (HRC) and annealed yielded the lowest value of 13.16 HRC. It was determined that toughness increased with the increasing
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