Rocky 1976

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Sports films are one of the most common genres in the movie industry. They usually have a simple plot leading to a huge sporting event. There are several different ways to write a sports story: sports, biography, comedy, drama, or even family movies. The 1976 film Rocky is an excellent example of a sports drama. “A sports drama incorporates dramatic elements into a sports storyline.”1 Rocky is a classic sports-drama. It influenced the film industry through its success, cinematography, and plot. Rocky changed the film industry through its success. The movie won a Golden Globe award in 1977 for Best Motion Picture (Drama). This showed the Rocky really was the best movie in its genre at that time. It is also believed by critics to be…show more content…
This created a sense of realism that filmmakers try to copy to this day. With such a low budget, Alvidsen had to make do with what he had so he was forced to film a small group of people crowded together multiple times to create the feeling of a large crowd. He also had to ask Stallone to re-write some scenes because of their lack of funds for extras and equipment. This acted as a way to show how gritty and raw this story really was. Due to the low budget of the film; Alvidsen had to make do with the resources they had and then incorporated the situation into the plot of the film. It made the film very realistic and believable. For example, the ice rink scene was supposed to have a crowded rink. But, they couldn’t afford all the extras so they had to change the script, and it became a closed rink in which the camera stayed focused on only Rocky and Adrian the whole time. Rocky influenced the film industry through its plot. The main plot of Rocky is the main character’s desire to make his or her life better. This theme is one of the most common themes in films. Rocky’s effect on this type of theme was monumental though because it was one of the first of its kind to be made with a small budget, unknown cast, and limited resources. This proves that this film is unique by showing how differently the director and actors
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