Rocky Balboa

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Starring in a six movie series, Rocky Balboa touched the hearts of countless Americans through his battles with other fictional boxers. In each successive film, Rocky was presented with life crises’, tough opponents, and his aging body. He came to define the notorious underdog continually drawing strength from previous obstacles to surpass odds and succeed. Rocky’s ability to keep moving forward, regardless of the challenge, is what made him who he is. Although my individual battle may be different, I mirror Rocky’s ability to constantly be persistent especially in regards to school and working out.
For the past three years of my high school career, and now my fourth, I have made it an obligation to continually expand my horizons in regards to math; when I cannot fully grasp an idea or concept, rather than giving up, I relentlessly pursue the idea until it is understood. During freshman year, math did not come easily to me. I was forced to go in early some days because, simply, I did not comprehend the concepts. However, taking initiative with my school work, and constantly working through problems that were difficult can be deemed one of the best decisions I have made. Although my final grade may not have been an
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This is extremely crucial in the aspect of working out because results do not come instantly. This concept struck me during the first couple months of my lifting journey; nothing seemed to work, and I felt as if results were not coming. From there, I decided to talk with my school’s weight trainer. We diagnosed the problem: I had no stimulus for motivation which could push me through each lift. Goal setting is what I turned to, and, finally, results came. Having an end goal in mind is now what keeps me motivated throughout each workout. Not every day in the weight room is perfect, but accepting this and not letting my failures dictate my future workouts allows me stay true to my
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