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Rocky If you were to see Rocky for the first time and you were anything like most people, you would be overcome by a feeling of repugnancy and disgust. This is because he is a homeless person. His real name is Jack but people call him “Rocky” because of his 6’2” body and his somewhat larger than normal muscles. He doesn’t have the body of any average man. The combination of his light green eyes, his long brown beard, and his long mocha hair falling down from his winter hat, which he wears in every season, reminds me of a depiction of Jesus. But that’s just pure physical appearance. Most of the time, the hair around the rim of his mouth is covered by whatever food he just ate. Sometimes it’s white rice, sometimes it’s powder like that…show more content…
To add to his out-of-fashion and out-of-date sense of “style” the jacket has a hole the size of a fist coming down the sleeve. During the summer, he wears it around his waist. It gives the image that he’s holding on to it for life since it’s one of his only possessions, and now days you’re measured as a person by what you possess. One of his other “precious” items is a cardboard box in which he sleeps. It looks very much like him-- old, worn, and dirty. The last of his possessions is a bottle of glue that he sniffs to get high. He looks around pretending to care if people stare, but even if there’s people he goes ahead with his glue sniffing ritual. He has had the same white, now dirty gray shirt with a bright red stain in the middle for as long as I can remember. He wobbles when he walks, as a result of an injury he had some years back, which created a hole that looks more like a well with a slightly darker skin tone around it. It’s on his left ankle so he’s always slightly angled to the right to balance his weight, like the Leaning Tower of Pizza. He’s not scary looking though, despite his unique garbage truck smell which some days is unbearable. He can be friendly. I remember an instance when he walked someone he knew to a cab and while holding the door open he politely uttered “ma’am” as she went in. This playfulness is one of the traits that make him a bit more society friendly. In a way, his “society friendliness” is
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