Rocky Iv Good Vs Evil

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Movies and TV shows have always created an aura of evil around the "big guys” and we always seem to find a protagonist that represents the “little guys”. Individuals or groups going against insurmountable odds against stronger, more powerful, more technologically advanced, and better funded antagonist, who with all the advantages on their side still lose in the end. The best example would come from the 1985 film Rocky IV (IMBD, 2016), where Rocky Balboa defeats Ivan Drago, the hero has nothing and yet he beats out the villain who has everything.
The perception that corporations are villainous and evil entities that want to rule, control and destroy the world had been in movies for quite some time, however this doesn’t necessarily carry over to real life. In the
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An example would be the Adidas Group, described as a proprietor of sweatshops and unfair workers’ rights (Aglionby, 2006), Adidas has moved away from this image by partnering with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus’s micro-finance organization, Grameen Bank. In the article written in, it states “The partnership is aimed at manufacturing a low-cost shoe for the poor in Bangladesh, which is cheap and affordable for the poor that will protect people from diseases.” (Klein, 2011) CSV is a concept that refocuses the view of corporation on doing good; the approach leads to an inclusive perspective on of those in the lower income level or the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). Analyzing the whole concept reveals parallels with the models championed by C.K. Prahalad in his book Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, the future success of a business and the success of entities or individuals that push for social change is dependent on the cooperation of the two entities or the convergence of charitable institutions and for profit institutions to solve key
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