Rocky Ridge-Personal Narrative

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On a rainy night in August, I experienced the most terrifying night of my life. This night was full of fun and laughter which quickly turned to screams and cries at quarter ‘til midnight on the 29th. The night flipped my world, mentally and physically. Rocky Ridge became my worst nightmare in the blink of an eye. I went to a party in Rocky Ridge with all my friends. I did not drink alcohol like most people at the party because I was driving home. Word had gotten out about the party and more people showed up than who were invited. Once we all got to the cabin, Maddie and I took everyone’s keys and hid them in the wooden drawer under the table. I wanted to take my keys and go for a ride, but Maddie did not let me. I remember her telling me,…show more content…
Three cop cars, one firetruck, and two ambulances all showed up at the same time. I have never seen so many bright, intimidating lights at once. The cops were very impolite towards me and the boys. The moment the highway patrol arrived, he pulled me to the side and started asking me questions. One of his very initial questions was, “Were you guys all wearing your seatbelts?” I started thinking about the question and realized none of us had been buckled up. I was very disappointed in myself at this point because I normally buckle my seatbelt before I turn my key in the ignition. I then told him repeatedly I was the driver and I was not just taking the blame for the boys to keep them out of trouble. The officer continued to remind me about the head marks in the windshield. Drew and Jake had both hit their heads on the windshield and it looked like the truck had caught two foul balls at a baseball game. The officer said, “If we measure those indentions and find out you are lying, you will be in a lot of trouble.” I began to inform him once again, “Officer, I swear to God I was the one driving that truck.” The highway patrol then asked me to come sit in his car for further
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