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Case Study: #3 Rocky Soccer Academy Case Assessment Worksheet
Using Case Study #3, Complete the Worksheet Provided. Use this document as your format. Answer each section within the document retaining the questions to indicate your sections.
I. Evaluate Henning’s options for growing Rocky’s customer base, including:
A. What are Henning’s objectives? What resources does he have?
Henning’s first objective is to have a larger facility built more suited for soccer training. The awareness for his program is close to 100 percent in Fort Collins but limited in surrounding cities. His second objective is to increase awareness of his program in surrounding cities. His third objective is to gain more customers in surrounding areas and try to
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With his customers winning tournaments and finding success with his coaching they can share it with friends and family displaying the benefits of his coaching. Henning having success in Fort Collins would give him the confidence to enter new markets in the surrounding areas.
C. What are the pros and cons of each option?
The first option is to try to increase retention by developing programs targeted at kids over 14. His pros would be that he already has resources in place. The company image has a very good reputation as well. Henning’s soccer training business is one of the few companies providing soccer training. The con would be loss of interest in soccer. Soccer in America is the least popular sport in America. Baseball, football, and basketball are more wildly popular with teenagers. The second option is to develop a marketing strategy that would encourage his current customers to buy more. The pro in getting current customers to buy more would be customer retention and more revenue stream without entering into other markets. Henning could focus more attention on his current customers. The con would be missed opportunities in other markets. The third option is to try and grow the business by entering new markets and acquiring new customers in the age range of 6 to 9 years old. The pro in this option would be if customers that reach the age of fourteen and fifteen lose interest and

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