Rodent and Beaver

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Characteristics Have you ever seen a large dark animal swimming in a pond? Beaver is a clever and useful animal. This animal is very hard-working. It is a large dark animal. Beavers are mammals. They give milk to their babies. They have fur. They have a backbone like humans. Beavers are rodents. Rodents have huge front teeth that grow always all through the beaver’s life. The teeth are called incisors. Their teeth are very sharp. Other examples of rodents are mice, rats, squirrels and hamsters. Beavers are the largest rodents. Beavers can grow to be 1.4 meters long. Their fur is silky and waterproof. A beaver has very small ears. They can swim 3 kilometres an hour. Beavers can stay underwater for a long time. When a beaver is grown…show more content…
Yearlings babysit the kits when the parents are out gathering food. Food Source Beavers are herbivore. Herbivore means plant-eater. They eat aquatic [water] plants, leaves, twigs, seeds, berries, and roots. Their favourite food tree is the aspen. A beaver mostly eats bark. Beavers store twigs and branches underwater during the fall. During the winter the beaver dives down to get some food. During the winter beavers only leave their lodges to eat food that they stored under water during the fall. Beavers work together to cut down a large tree. Beavers eat about 1 kilogram of food every day. Beaver’s Community & Effects of losing a member Beavers make dams on streams. Beaver dams are homes for other animals. Dams can also stop a stream from drying up, or land from eroding [wearing or washing away due to wind, water or ice]. The area behind the dams becomes flooded. This flooded area is a habitat for fish, turtles, frogs, bird, insects, water plants and ducks. Ducks have their families in beaver ponds. Without the beaver these wildlife don’t have a home and they could die. Streams sometimes wash away too much soil. If soil gets washed away plants won’t grow. Beaver dams slow down the moving water and this help clean the water in streams. Beaver goes on land to look for food. The other animals that share this habitat are coyotes, mice, rabbits, hares, insects, lynx, squirrel, deer, bobcats, birds, bears. The animals and plants depend on each

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