Rodeo Alternate Ending

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“Hurry up!” Sam screamed at his brother Max. The two boys raced towards the gathering crowd. Today was the Woodbury county fair and Sam did not want to miss it. When they arrived in the crowd they immediately saw, that the rodeo was just beginning. In Sam’s opinion, the rodeo was his favorite thing at the Fair! His brother Max evidently, did not agree. “Let’s get out of here.” Max scowled. “No, can’t we just watch for a bit longer? After that we can go do what you want to see Max.” “Oh alright.” After a few more bulls threw their regretful rider off their huge hide, they went to see what Max wanted to see, Locked and loaded. It was a shooting range, Max flashed his white teeth. Sam knew he wouldn’t budge from this attraction. After a while of whining,…show more content…
Can’t we just go now?” “Fine! But only since you have been nagging me, since we got here.” Sam started to sprint down the columns of people, he wanted to see the pig wrestling match, more like be in the match. “Sam! Sam, wait!” Max hollered. Sam was already in line waiting to enter the match. “It will be fine! Don’t worry so much Max!” Just a minute later Sam was wrestling the muddy pig. Sam’s Face hit the mud hole with tremendous force. As he wiped the mud from his eyes Sam heard his brother loudly pronounce, “You are going to be in big trouble when we get home!” On their way home Sam tried to think of an explanation for their mother. He could not think of anything that would get him in less trouble than he already was. Here he was, at his home, about to face his mother. She would be mad as a hornet! Sam thought. He opened the door as shy as a mouse. His mother looked at him and whispered “Oh what happened to you? Are you hurt?” “No, I decided to wrestle a pig. It looks like I paid the price for that decision right?” Sam yelled out. “Oh, I think you should go clean up.” His mother whispered like a soft summer’s breeze. “Wait, I’m not in trouble?” Sam asked astonished. “No.” His mother
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