Rodeo Drive: A Narrative Fiction

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“Coffee at Starbucks now,” she answered back. She finished, “It’s right here,” she aimed as they turned the first corner. “I am on my way out of the country,” she smiled. “Can I go with you?” Robert asked Racine, as he opened the door for her. She answered, “Great to see chivalry is not dead,” she offered in response to him being a gentleman. “If you’re willing to give up your fancy job, of course you can come with me,” Racine smiled. Coffee in hand, the new couple donned a sunlit seat that provided them a romantic view of Rodeo Drive. “You are the most good-looking woman I have ever seen in my damn life!” Robert smiled with his perfectly trimmed eyebrows, that were rising up to his forehead. From there it started with coffee. Next, Robert…show more content…
Her weight supported by her right elbow, with her long black hair now covering her arm, she nodded her head up and down reassuring him…that all of the Swiss bank accounts had been replenished. “Hell yeah baby. I did that. And, it will all be there when you get out,” she answered, trying not to cry. No TV tonight. Racine clicked off the cream colored DVR. She’d watch the reality shows on Demand tomorrow with Roxie. Tonight she was on a mission to please this man the best she could. Robert closed the white nightstand drawer. He then locked it. Laying down he placed his strong arms behind his thick neck. “I won’t be getting out Racine,” he cried, as a soft tear rolled down his right cheek. Sitting up again on brand new white Giza sateen soft and silky sheets, Racine, was resting beautifully on the silk sheet’s percale’s softness and airy design. Dressed in a yellow silk designer smoking Jacket-Robert opened the nightstand drawer again. This time he examined those papers one last time. Later, he shoved his paperwork back into the drawer - not wanting to think about going to prison anymore because it made him nervous. Turning around to meet Racine’s daring dark green eyes, he
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