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OSHA, Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits | OSHA, Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits | Week 7 Assignment | | Cindy | 10/19/2013 |

The following five questions and answers pertain to the reading from Chapters 20, 21 and 22 for week 7 assignment. |

OSHA, Workers' Compensation and Employee Benefits

1. Who is responsible for establishing OSHA standards?
As referenced in the text (Moran 2011), “In establishing standards, the Secretary of Labor must set forth standards to prevent employees from suffering substantial harm to their health even if the employee worked at this job for most of his or her adult life. The Secretary of Labor must rely on research and experiments to establish reliable
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This would present an undue hardship for the employer.” (Moran 2011) This request would place Uranas with an undue hardship. Also undue hardship would be shown where a variance from the seniority system is necessary in order to accommodate an employee’s religious practices and in doing so would deny another employee his or her job or shift preference guaranteed by that system. Uranus could explain this to Steve and Steve could approach his union regarding his situation and the union could talk to the employees and maybe negotiate something else with Uranus on behalf of all the employees.

4. Veronica is a waitress at Didi’s Diner. She is paid $2.13 per hour, and she is entitled to keep all of her tips, which average $8.50 per hour. Is Didi’s in compliance with the FLSA?
Federal minimum wage is $7.25/hr. and all states and cities are allowed to go above this criterion if they want. According to the FLSA, as along as Veronica total wage combined with direct wage and tips equal $7.25/hr. or more DiDi’s diner is in compliance with FLSA. If not, then DiDi’s diner has to make up the difference in pay to Veronica.

5. At Paradise Elementary School, the cleaning staff uses a strong chemical containing bleach to clean the restrooms. Breathing masks are provided, but the

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