Rodeos: Rodeo and Event

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Rodeos Dedication and hard work are two qualities that will make any person successful. Some of the most dedicated and hard working people around are rodeo cowboys. Over the years, rodeos have gone from everyday tasks of a common cowboy doing his job to a spectator sport that draws massive crowds with its thrilling events. From its beginning rodeo has grown to be a well loved sport. "The beginnings of rodeo can be traced back to the ranches of the early 1700's, when the Spanish ruled the West." The duties on these ranches evolved directly into the modern rodeo events (Early Years). Although rodeos involve the same activities Western cowboys performed, they are not done in quite the same way. "Rodeo has continued to grow from its roots…show more content…
"If the cowboy breaks the barrier he receives a ten second penalty onto his time" (Tie-Down Roping). Tie-down roping is not a dangerous event but it is still one of the best events to watch. The only team event in the rodeo is team roping. Team roping is a timed event that involves two cowboys. One is known as the header, and the other is known as the heeler (Team Roping). This event was also a task performed by cowboys on the earliest ranches. The cowboys start in the box. "The header is the first one out trying to rope the head as quickly as possible without breaking the barrier. Once the catch is made, the header dallies and turns the steer left." Then the heeler must rope the legs of the steer. "The clock is stopped when there is no slack in both ropes and the horses are facing each other." If the barrier is broken, there is a ten second penalty added to the cowboys' time, and if the heeler only catches one of the steer's legs, there is a five second penalty added (Team Roping). With good aim and a good partner cowboys competing in this event have the opportunity to win lots of cash. Women's barrel racing is usually the second to last event. "Barrel racing is a timed event, where the fastest time is what matters most" (Barrel Racing). This event is not always fair due to the fact that not all arenas have the same measurement, and they vary in size. "The riders enter the arena at full speed, quickly

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