Roe V. Wade, Roe Vs. Roe

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Norma McCorvey was the name she was born with, but to America and to the world she was Jane Roe, a pseudonym for a woman who made abortion legal is all 50 states. Jane Roe was a young, single woman living in Dallas County, Texas, who wanted her pregnancy terminated. However, the state of Texas could not legally allow her an abortion because it wasn’t a life or death situation; a law that had been in place since 1854. Roe, bringing this to the supreme court, argued that this law prohibiting the termination of her pregnancy was a violation of her privacy rights. In the end, Roe was able to overturn this 200 year old standing law and legalize abortion nationwide - but more importantly, this court case’s controversial nature made an impact in this world that is still being determined. (Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun: Roe v. Wade, 1973) The ruling of Roe v. Wade has made a viable impact on the world; as it brought forth an ongoing controversy, has empowered women, and has prevented “back-alley” abortions for years.

The 1970’s in America was known for being the height of a sexual revolution in the country, and many known ideas about women, sexuality, and traditional values were being reconsidered. This theme of this era was the backdrop to Jane Roe’s struggle to gain personal freedom.The 1970’s was the height of the American sexual revolution. A women becoming pregnant before marriage was a known social taboo, and no woman would ever want to find herself in this…

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