Rog Raye Movie Analysis

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A hapless magician kills his wife in front of his blind mother and watches his life spiral dangerously out of control as he tries to cover it up.

ROG ROYE (50’s) is a has-been magician, who can’t find a job. He drinks too much and he gambles all his money away. His wife, VERA (40’s), a wealthy realtor, is tired of his irresponsible behavior and is considering divorcing him. They have a daughter, KATIE (15).
Rog feels unloved by everyone and out of control of his life. His mother, BLYTHE, suffers from night blindness and fears that she might be going blind. She teaches music to the neighborhood boy DAVID (12).
Rog’s sister, ELLIE, knows that Rog is reckless and they have great hostility towards each other.
Desperate, Rog forges a check from Vera. He takes the money and gambles at his famous slot machine. He’s convinced one day he will win millions of dollars.
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Rog begs Vera not to follow through on the charges against him. She agrees to drop the charges if he agrees to give up his dream of being a magician. She wants him to work with her. He agrees.
Immediately after he agrees, Rog calls his agent and wants the interviewed book. He’s not really to give up his independence or be controlled by anyone. When Vera learns the truth, she manipulates the interview and there’s no more job offer.
Furious he goes to her house with his mother in car. They argue on the stairs. Blythe, who can’t see, walks in, and Rog pushes Vera. She falls down the stairs. Blythe hears her scream, but can’t see what happened. Rog realizes that Vera is still alive and smothers her.
The police investigate and suspect Rog, but they have no proof. Rog claims that Vera tripped over her dog. Rog is angry when he learns that Katie will inherit Vera’s
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