Roger Avenger Essay

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There are thousands of movies that can be watched today, so choosing the right one towatch can be difficult at times. Therefore, movie critics write movie reviews about them, to giveviewers an overview and as to how good the movie is in their opinion. One of the most famousmovie critics is Roger Ebert. He evaluated many movies during his time and one of his lastreviews was over the movie The Avengers. Roger Ebert is an adequate movie critic because hesummarizes the plot exceptionally well, distinguishably describes the main characters, and givesan adequate final evaluation.The movie The Avengers was released on May 4, 2012 and is a movie about sixsuperheroes joining together to save the world (Ebert). The six superheroes are Iron Man,Captain…show more content…
In addition, to giving just the overall plot and order, Ebert also summarizes the keyevents that happen in the five different events that he outlines. For example, he explains how theAvengers are brought together and how the villain is dramatized when he states, “ The reasonthey're brought together in "The Avengers" is that the Earth is under threat by the smirking Loki(Tom Hiddleston), Thor's adopted brother, who controls the Tesseract, a pulsing cube of energythat opens a gateway to the universe; through it, he plans to attack Earth with his fleet of reptile-looking monster-machines.”( Ebert, Roger) In this quote he dramatized the villain, Loki, bystating he controls the tesseract and how he will attack earth with his fleet of reptile monsters.Not only does Ebert effectively summarize the plot of the movie, but he also gives a greatdescription of the main characters of the movie.Another reason that Ebert’s review of The Avengers is a quality review is the fact that hedistinguishably describes the main characters, mentions the actor’s names, and mentions thedirector of the movie at the end of the review. Ebert does a great job of mentioning the maincharacters and describing what the character’s super powers are. As well as mentioning, thename of the actor that plays that character. For example, this is how Ebert describes andmentions Hulk, “The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is a mild-mannered guy until he gets angry, and thenhe expands into a leaping, bounding green muscle man who can rip apart pretty much anything.”(Ebert, Roger) He does a description similar too this quote for each main character in the moviereview, while also mention the actor. This makes Ebert’s
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