Roger Berg--Management Ethics

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CASE 2: Roger Berg | BUS500M Management Principles and DynamicsProf. Reynaldo Lugtu (DBA Cand.) | Glenn CabacangRj ManalangWenzi Jeanne MartinezJoyce OngRyan Yuquico |

I. Synthesis
Roger Berg, the Vice President for Planning of the Lake Corporation, had to recommend a subcontractor for the environmental study project in connection with their planned large resort. The contract has been decided in principle to be awarded to Ceil Grant, one of their regular subcontractors. However, after a lunch conversation with Del, who represented a larger contractor firm, Roger changed his mind, now recommending Del’s company to take on the project instead. Faced with a situation of moral dilemma, he has to decide what would be the right thing to
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VI. Discussion of Frameworks
Sources of Management Ethics
Dyck and Neubert (2012) defined ethics as "[A] set of principles or moral standards that differentiate right from wrong". It is a way of determining the morality of any action. It is important that managers adhere to ethical principles that will guide them in making appropriate and ethical decisions for the company. Thus, Roger Berg, being Vice-President of Planning at The Lake Corporation plays a significant role in the company in ensuring that decisions are made without tarnishing management ethics. He must face and weather through the challenges caused by other sources that could put him in ethical dilemma situations and push him to render management decisions violating ethics.

Moral Philosophy of “Egoism” By giving Del the benefit of the doubt, the consequentialist approach - egoism – could not be firmly established in the case. Without clear indications of and espousal by Del taking advantage of his connections with Dr. Neil and using the opportunity as a chance to totally convince Roger to recommend him for the project, the application of the moral philosophy of egoism approach could be hardly justified. Merely, facts of the case suggest that Del only told Roger about his acquaintance with Dr. Neil and did not even ask for any favors outright. As
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