Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

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Should we as a society set a monetary value on life, or let it exist on an emotional level? Are the accomplishments we achieve and the money we make throughout our lifetime the only things that determine what our life is worth after death; or should it be based on the value that the individual put upon their own experiences. In contemporary American Society, this question remains to be asked when someone loses their life. In the excerpt from Chris Jones’ “Roger Ebert: The Essential Man” The struggles which Ebert Endures, and the high value he remained to keep on his own life was revealed, which displayed his own personal value of life and how it is precious throughout the conflict. I agree with this mentality completely, because one’s circumstances may outweigh another’s, meaning that there is…show more content…
“When he himself might his quietus make With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear, To grunt and sweat under a weary life…” When reading Hamlet’s Soliloquy, this line made me question my own opinion on the value of life. If life is such a struggle, and there are so many obstacles that seem impossible to conquer, why not just end it? End the suffering: End the complication: Just kill yourself in hopes that the afterlife holds something better than than this daunting voyage. The answer is most people scared shitless. “But the dread of something after death… No traveler returns, puzzles the will.” When we die, there is no coming back; death is a journey and “No traveler returns.” Not knowing what comes after might be what keeps many of us alive. The fear of the
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