Roger Image Analysis

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a. Introduce your image and provide a description. The image I choose is an editorial cartoon by Rob Rogers featuring the “DANGER: FAKE NEWS HOLE”, through the Association of American Editorial Cartoonist. The hole in the ground represents the fake news covering almost the entire third quarter bottom part of the image. To the right is a man (wearing a light green sweat shirt with USA letters, light blue pants, black belt, and a hat. I assume he represent the USA) is busy with his cellphone not paying attention to his surrounding that he is about to fall into the hole. The man’s right foot is on the hole while the left foot still in the ground. This illustrates that the man has a fifty/fifty chance of getting hurt. To the left is a big warning sign made of wood: “DANGER FAKE NEWS HOLE” in all caps letter with big arrow pointing down the ground and a yellow bulb signage on the top. The ground is cracked and uneven with stone debris closed to the hole. In the top are barricades made of cement, painted with yellow in the top, light green in the middle and white in the bottom. Using the right lightings, black background and right color such as yellow for cautions made the hole the focal point of the image that captured the message “DANGER…show more content…
Discuss the relationship between the image and the text, and state what argument the text is making by using one of the inductive argument structures that were mentioned in this lesson. Both image and text are conveying the same message of being cautious of your surroundings. In the internet world, it has tons of information, but not everything you see, read and hear is true. Internet can easily be access by cellphones. Using cellphone can be distracting by itself and can cause harm and dangerous especially if you are driving. The image is a good example of causal induction. The internet is full of information, however, not all information is true and it can be
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