Roger Zelazny Jan 15 Roadmarks Essay

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ook 1 11/19/15 Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny Jan 15 I couldn't tell if I was dreaming any more. All the past nights were blended into a collage of questions. As always I was in the old blue pickup but this time I was the driver. In the blazing desert on the small highway. I was approaching the roadmark, I was about to wake up. I heard the whoosh of wings, this is when I should wake up. But this time I didn't wake up, and the monster didn't stop chasing me. I waited for it to attack me but it didnt, it didnt do anything but fly. I must have been dreaming because I couldn't stop driving, and the road never ended. It was almost peaceful if it wasn't for the dragon. Book 2 11/30/15 The invisible man by H.G. Wells The people never stopped. Everyday at noon, workers from all over the town would leave work for lunch. People used to stop and eat under the trees in the park but everyone got busy. No one had time to talk or relax. Few people went to the park except for me. I lived in the park and I would always watch people. In all of my time watching, there were few people who interested me. But there was one man, he wore black head to toe. A long black trenchcoat with a black hat, he always pulled the hat down over his face. He walked quickly wherever he went, with urgency with each step. He never stopped to look around.…show more content…
Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Would you find it strange? Would you stop to think about it? No is the answer I receive. It would be the answer I would give if someone asked me. He was a civilized gentleman, dressed impeccably. He had charm and manners, educated and well spoken. So when a rumor started no one believed it. But then some seemed almost reasonable. He never stayed out past dark, no one could account for his whereabouts at night, and how drawn back he became whenever you asked about his work. Book 4 12/2/15 Bleak House by Charles
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