Roger 's Chocolate Company : A Canadian Chocolate Firm

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Nicolas Erturkuner Professor Vasu Policy 399 March 12, 2015 Roger’s Chocolates Roger’s Chocolate Company is a Canadian chocolate firm that has a reputation for high class and high quality chocolates. The firm was founded in 1855 as a family owned business in Victoria, Canada. As time progressed, the company became a prominent source for chocolate throughout Canada and the United States and has left a deeply rooted tradition across those areas. Although the company is no longer family owned, many of the company employees are from families that have worked for Roger’s Chocolates for generations, leading to a deep sense of brand pride and a commitment to excellence, a potential advantage in the company’s future growth pursuit. The company headquarters is located above its flagship store in Victoria, British Columbia. The headquarters building is home to all management and sales staff and includes offices and conference rooms. Outside of the headquarters building, the company has 11 retail outlets across the country. In addition to the retail stores, Roger’s Chocolate has wholesaled some of its products to various stores across the United States and Canada and completes mail and online orders as well. Although Roger’s Chocolate has strong brand awareness in the areas surrounding its retail stores, areas of Canada and the United States have never heard of Roger’s Chocolate, presenting a potential opportunity in the future. As mentioned, the company focuses on high quality and
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