Rogerian Argument On Vegetarianism . Vegetarianism Has

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Rogerian Argument On Vegetarianism Vegetarianism has been a hot topic of discussion lately, and if becoming one should be mandatory or not. Vegetarianism is a diet choice of eating absolutely no meat, fish, or poultry. It can be a healthy and environmentally friendly decision, but vegetarianism is not for everyone. It can be hard for people to completely cut themselves off from eating meat. However, humans can slim down on meat to help the environment and live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with smaller portions. “Opportunities for higher efficiency can be found all along the meat production–consumption chain” (Smil). However, mass meat production can be harmful to the land. Speaking on meat production, Smil quotes “This…show more content…
This is why humans should start rationalizing their diet, there will be less demand for meat and less meat produced. Being a vegetarian can be difficult for many. It could be tough getting protein if one cannot eat the meat they’ve eaten all their lives. For example, “Humans are taxonomically omnivorous and meat provides several essential nutrients unavailable in plant sources. Meat is specifically valuable as a source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, protein and highly bioavailable iron” (Bat & Fayaz). Although nuts carry plenty of nutrients and protein, they have very small serving sizes and many are allergic. As well, people can be very picky, which would be hard for someone to receive their daily nutrients if they do not like foods such as beans or tofu which many vegetarians rely on for their protein. Although these alternatives do supply protein, sometimes it is not enough, and vegetarians have to consume supplements such as protein pills to grasp their missing nutrients. A simple way to improve meat production is to be more efficient with livestock. “Unlike our ancestors, the palates of many individuals are no longer linked in healthy ways with landscapes. Industrial farming and selection for yield, appearance, and transportability diminished the flavor, phytochemical richness, and nutritive value of fruits and vegetables for humans” (Provenza, Meuret, & Gregorini). Processed meat is destroying bodies and ecosystems. A more environmental approach would

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