Rogerian paper: Comparing student learning: Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning

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McKenzie Morse
Sam Zahran
ENG 112
15 April 2014
Comparing student learning: Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning Which type of learning is better, traditional or online? As we all know, attending a college or university is nothing new. For the longest time the biggest issues for students were which school to attend and how to pay for it. However, with new and constant developments in modern technology these students are faced with a new problem: which type of learning is better, traditional or online? Students are not the only ones dealing with this dilemma; schools are also presented with the same issue. Not only do schools have to be concerned with which type of learning is best for their students but also which type of
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I feel that the education you receive from online learning is the same material that is taught in the traditional way. This material is just presented in a way that is better for modern students. Traditional learners however, may also lack the skills to be effective learners. For students who take traditional classes over online classes may lack motivation to be independent learners. In spite of these differences it is safe to assume that both sides want students to enjoy and excel in school no matter if it is traditional or online. Both sides are obviously concerned about the importance of education. Otherwise the argument over whether traditional or online learning is better would not be a debatable issue. There are others, like myself, who feel that online learning is better. The supporters of this back their claim by stating that online classes can be more beneficial for teachers and students. For example, fewer distractions in a classroom like other students disrupting class. Students can come into class late after the teacher has already started class and cause a disruption or talk during the class. With online classes the student can control their environment. Also, a teacher can provide in writing just the basic information a student needs for an assignment. This way there is less of a chance for the student to get confused on the assignment when the topic
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