Essay on Rogers Cable: First Time Right Program

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Post Graduate Program in Management, 2012-2014 Written Analysis and Communication 1

Rogers cable: First Time Right Program
WAC Assignment 1: Case Analysis

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21 July 2012
Letter of Memorandum
Andrews Piderit, Director Process Engineering Warren Barbour, Director Process Engineering From: Alex Sander, Executive Assistant Date: 21 July 2012 Subject: Report on the recommendations for the First Time Right Program
A rise in the large number of redundant truck calls have been
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Out of every 100 customers 20 had to call again for repeat work installation and service activities .Within a short span of thirty days there were around 16 percent repeat or rework .
The whole service for installation has problems with its approach to customers which has become a serious cause of concern as loyal customers may switch to other service providers if this continues for further time. The major issues include lack of accountability of technicians, their skills and training, shortage of inventory and not enough tools. Customer dissatisfaction has also been noted through various feedbacks putting the company’s good reputation at stake.
The company is experiencing an increased level of competitions from its rivals after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decided to open the markets and deregulated specific areas of industry.
So far the company’s main focus has been on revenue growth rather than cost reduction but now customers have more options than ever before.
The Problem /Objective: First and foremost objective is to reduce the increasing number of high frequency of repeat service calls and then keep it to minimum possible extent simultaneously motivating the technicians? Ensuring the first priority of Rogers Cable as customer service to maintain the loyalty has become a challenge.

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