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Case Study Rogers’ Chocolates Due date: August 6, 2011 Course: ADMN 4876 Management of Small Business Enterprises Prof: Pouya Seifzadeh Sarmad Shahjahan Introduction R gers’s Chocolates is Canada’s oldest chocolates company that was formed in 1885 in Victoria, British Columbia by Charles Rogers. The company specialized in producing different varieties of ward winning hand-wrapped, high-quality chocolate brands as well as premium novelty ice cream which it sold through its retail outlets, sales through wholesale delivery, online/phone sales, and through Sam’s Deli restaurant in British Columbia. The goal of the organization is “to double or triple the size of the company within 10 years” (Zietsma, 2007) Rogers’ target…show more content…
Threat of New Entrants: Hershey’s and Cadburys are moving towards the premium chocolate market through the acquisition or upmarket launches (Zietsma, 2007). The profit potential present in this sector supported by its 20% annual growth rate make it very attractive for large organizations to come forward and avail this opportunity. There is a low threat of new entrants prevailing in this chocolate industry because of the high capital requirements and expected retaliation by current manufacturers. Current players in the industry also possess some barriers to entry for new entrants by maintaining economies of scales with their large production capacity and keeping their product differentiation with their specialized and novelty chocolate products. Even though there are low switching costs and easy access to distribution channels, but still the brand loyalty of the customers including the Rogers’ Chocolate itself make it harder for new firms to come into the competition. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: There is a high bargaining power of suppliers because of the need of the key ingredients required for chocolate manufacturing and limited number of suppliers for this industry. Since cocoa trees require tropical climate, it forces the main producers in the west to import them from countries in West Africa or other hot places

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