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Case Study #1 (Roger’s Chocolates) 1. The premium chocolate industry is changing dramatically with the growth rate in the chocolate industry falling as a whole, other traditional big name chocolate companies like Hershey’s and Cadburys are moving more towards the premium chocolate industry. The premium chocolate industry growing 20 percent annually and with the baby boomers purchasing more chocolate, they put are putting great emphasize on quality and brand when they purchase their chocolates. The underlying drivers of change are changes that companies go through in the industry and competition conditions. There are 14 total driving forces that drive industry change but Roger’s chocolates has 6 driving forces in particular that affect…show more content…
Expand their products towards the United States where people go visit like big cities. 4. SWOT analysis • Strengths = Premium chocolate markets grows 20 percent annually, high quality hand wrapped packages, stores are located in tourist areas (cruise ship traffic), well established in history, high quality ingredients • Weakness = Name is not recognized internationally, expansion of the company is not considered, the sales agents do not provide links of their resellers to the website so customers do now know all the places that sell Rogers’ chocolates, do not sell my the majority to their customers • Opportunity = Expand their products to the U.S. or internationally, become a public company to get more exposure, produce organic items • Threats = Hershey’s and Cadbury moving towards the premium chocolate market, many competitors (like Godiva) , Board members do not want to grow, potential selling of the company to investors, post 9/11 tourism is slowing down The future for Roger’s Chocolates looks like it is going to stay steady with no real big changes coming in the future. They will keep their rich history going but it does not seem like anytime in the future Roger’s Chocolates will be expanding their business. 5. At first Roger’s

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