Rogers' Chocolates in 2007

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Problem Statement Rogers’ Chocolates is not using its core competency of strong retail sales ability and its distinctive competency of producing a wide variety of high-quality, hand-wrapped chocolates to attract a sufficient market niche of worldwide tourists and high-income, middle-aged couples that are mainly empty nested or child-free, so that they can maximize their market share and profit volumes in a rapidly growing market in which globalization, product innovation toward a more health-conscious product, and growing buyer preferences are major driving forces. Their tremendous ability in retail sales, in which their 11 stores accounted for 50% of total sales, and financial leverage have not been utilized to expand Rogers’ to profit…show more content…
Next priority is the online and mail-order purchasers as the low-cost of sales and high reorder rate created high profit were a great way of attracting global markets without spending large amounts of capital to expand. Wholesalers would come next as they contribute 30% of total sales and margins are not as high as retail sales. 5. Since Rogers’ has great credit worthiness and a great borrowing capacity, they could improve their CSR image by using that capacity to acquire its supplier and provide them with organic and fair trade capabilities as well as increase manufacturing technologies. Not only will this help give Rogers’ a better social responsibility image, it will allow Rogers’ to expand their product varieties and qualities even further to adapt to the emerging needs of health-driven “chocaholics”. By creating a wider variety of products, retail, wholesale, and online outlets will be able to satisfy more consumers, thus increasing market share. A 2007 online study conducted by Image Power Green brands about attitudes and behaviors toward the chocolate market has shifted dramatically; virtually 100% of those surveyed express some desire for greener practices, up from 58% a year ago (Kuhn). It also states Endangered Species Chocolates’ growth in the past year has increased 200% in its retail sales mainly due to their focus on

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