Rogers Communications Inc

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Rogers Communications INC.

Industry overview
The Canadian cellular service’s industry is comprised of approximately 15 cellular providers. These operators employ approximately 16,000 individuals and generate more than CAN$10B in revenues annually, which represents almost 30 percent of the Canadian telecommunications market. The Canadian wireless industry has been experiencing an annual growth rate three times that of any other Canadian telecommunications sector. This is very significant as Canada is in the top 10% in the world for broadband penetration.
The general softness in the Canadian and the Ontario economy has negatively impacted Media’s advertising sales, and lowered net additions of most cable and Internet products. Rogers
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3. As far as wireless goes, given the distinct network advantage that Rogers has (with a coverage of 95% of Canada and the most roaming partnerships) and taking advantage of a 69% penetration in Canada, the strategy to push customers into adopting smart phones (also considering that only a 31% of Rogers wireless users were smart phone users) is the right one. One area that we should explore is the enterprise segment. Given our relationship with Apple and other manufacturers, we should seek partnerships with devices manufacturers, where we could agree to buy in bulk, with a significant discount per phone and a minimum-term contract. Wireless expected growth of 5% annually for the next several years, there´s an increased customer demand for data-driven services, data is twice as profitable as voice, and the significant data revenue growth experienced in 2009, all support the previous statement (even though the ARPU ha a minor decline in 2009).
4. It is important to pay attention to those manufacturers that are working with android (Not only concentrate marketing activities in apple or RIM), because the potential growth of the Google’s brand could be an opportunity to grow in smart phones sales, increasing the market share.
5. Rogers may focus its activities towards obtain some other alliances with manufacturers, as the signed with Apple, looking for some exclusivity in their products, the consequence of that could be a stronger and powerful brand.
6. They must
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