Rohit Merugu Research Paper

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To whom is may concern, I am Larry Thompson III and I have been friends with Rohit Merugu ever since he started scout with me. We both have a great love for scouting and just became better connected to each other through our love for scouting. Rohit Merugu is an effective leader and worker. Over the years I have come to understand and see his compassion for others and for knowledge. I always enjoy being around him because of his character and desire to get things done the right way the first time. I had the chance to help Rohit out in his Eagle Scout project, in which he came up with the project to help the Arc of Greensboro, by constructing garden beds for handicapped children to use. He was driven each and everyday of working on the project. He was well organized in having all the materials, tools, and people where they needed to be to get the project done as quick as possible. He was also great in listening to his volunteers and motivatiing them to continue their great work, but still understanding when a break was needed. I personally know that Rohit has donated a lot of his time to helping others. Its pretty clear to see that he is very compassionate when it come to helping those that need him, especially indisputable in the over 236 hours he spent over at…show more content…
He has a thirst for knowledge and it shows when you talk with him. Being around him I feel I learn more each time we talk. His inquisitiveness for knowledge and for sharing it with you, is evident in how he always tries to enlighten you when he shares something he learned recent. Many times I find myself enjoying a conversation with him about something dealing with mathematics or Science and come out having a greater shared knowledge between us. I know that he even enlightens others through his peer tutoring in math and biology, which is without a doubt helpful to those students at Southwest High
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