Roland The Gunslinger

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The gunslinger and his mule are after the man in black. As he crosses the dessert he encounters a farmer and his crow. He stays at the farmer’s house whose name is Brown and his crow, Zoltan. Later that day, the gunslinger started to talk about his old town Tull. When the gunslinger was in Tull he proceeded to a nearby café. He then met this women bartender who told the gunslinger what had happened lately. One day, this guy named Nort had passed away. All of a sudden he had got resurrected by the man in black. The girls name was Allie and she told him about a note that Nort had given her after he was alive again. The note talked about if she wanted to know about death, say nineteen to Nort. After talking to the women bartender, he had left…show more content…
The conflict is between Roland and the man in black. Roland is just trying to chase down the man in black and to bring the man justice. There are multiple times within the story where Roland is persistent to hunt him down. Unfortunately he finds out that the man in black is insignificant and that there is a greater enemy than him. “I’m the furthest minion of who now rules the Dark Tower, and Earth has been given into that king’s red hand.” (238) Roland the gunslinger was a flat character. Throughout the story, he had one main purpose. The objective of him was to catch the man in black. Every once in a while, he would be stopped by someone and he would tell about his past. Roland wasn’t much of a static character either. He didn’t change through the story unlike most characters. Jake however was more of a round character where he was more complex. Even at the beginning of the story, Roland was a flat character when he decided to follow the man in black. “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed”…show more content…
Many of these people action show their behavior and attitude in the given situation. When Roland was killing everyone in Tull, those actions showed he had no regrets are no regards toward human life. “He fired four shells he had reloaded and then they were beating him, stabbing him. He threw a pair of them off his left arm and rolled away.” (72) Also the book showed how Roland could be a father figure to Jake. Roland would protect Jake sine he had provided him with much food and water. The gunslinger protected Jake when the slow mutants were after them and Jake was frightened. “The boy screamed again and crowded against the gunslinger’s leg like a frightened dog.”
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