Role And Importance Of An Sm

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Role and Importance of an SM Sustainability Management is a coordinated, strategic approach, led by a single individual who draws together all aspects of sustainability, energy management, social and ethical due diligence. The sustainability manager creates a green strategy for the whole company. This person will have the opportiunity to influence the entire organization in a very strategic way that will enable them to present a clear strategy for Top Shelf. Top Shelf has a history of unstability and it will fall within the relm of the sustainability manager to ensure risk is reduced and all the business goals are met in a timely and efficient manner. This role will provide guidelines to becoming more economically and environmentally responsible Sustainable Management Home Depot Home Depot has focused on saving an estimated average of 500,000 gallons of water per year. They switched to high-efficiency fluorescent lighting at lower wattage from 49 watts to the 44 watts in their stores. Home Depot uses local materials for construction of their new buildings. Their building signs are two stranded LED rather than fluorescent lighting which maximizes energy savings. Their parking lots have zones of planted areas of local, hardy plant species. The landscaping Home Depot uses is required to minimize maintenance and water useage. They reduced the
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