Role Experience Has Played Over Past Centuries

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1500 Word Assignment Role Experience Has Played Over Past Centuries BY: Charmaine Warford Fall 2013 Experience played an important role in the development of theology through the centuries from the early years of Plato and Aristotle with their ideas of idealism and realism to Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who believed in a method of inductive logic. Rene Descartes (1596-1650) allowed science and theology to each have their own sovereign realm. Conflicting ideas between science and religion began to develop during the nineteenth century. During the twentieth century people began to believe that all human knowledge was scientific knowledge. Research either proved or disproved theories of the earth’s origin. People began to question the supremacy of science on the basis of the very premises that brought it to power, namely, objectivity, and rationality. 1. These developments created a resurgence of interest in philosophy as a discipline. For theology as a discipline, it presented an opportunity for acceptance and credibility. While remaining true to the tradition of our faith it is imperative that we theologize in such a way as to bring to Christianity integrity and an intellectual uniqueness that integrates and gives sense to the varied and diverse dimensions of the modern experience. One can exercise critical thinking and still hold fast to fundamental persuasions and ties of faith. To practice one’s faith responsibly, a person requires an understanding of philosophical
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