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School Of Health & Enterprise Programme Title Edexcel Extended Diploma Business Level 3 Edexcel Diploma Business Level 3 Unit Unit 12 Internet Marketing in Business Assignment Title Marketing Online Issue Date Monday 10th March Hand In Date Friday 30th May Students Name Class Lecturer Neil Gow Assessment Criteria achieved P1 M1 D1 P2 M2 P3 P4 P5 P6 Learning Outcomes 1. Know what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context 2. Understand the benefits of internet marketing to customers 3. Understand the opportunities offered to businesses by internet marketing 4. Understand the challenges faced by…show more content…
(P4) a case study of an organisation which uses internet marketing which details their usage, using the marketing mix as a framework. (P5) an explanation of efficiency gains that can be achieved through the use of internet marketing. (P5) examples of the usage of internet marketing techniques to achieve effective and successful outcomes for organisations. (P6) examples of the impact of globalisation on organisations that use the internet for marketing. (P6) how do businesses modify their online presence to suit a global audience? (M2) an analysis of the opportunities and challenges that internet marketing creates for an organisation. (M2) detailed examples of instances where organisations have overcome these challenges. BRIEF FOUR - D1 Present a case study of an existing business which has introduced an online marketing and/or sales function and evaluate the impact that internet marketing has had on the organisation and its customers. This brief also requires you to identify the needs of the customers and detail how they have been addressed by internet marketing. Your final pitch should include: (D1) a detailed case study of a selected business showing how they use internet marketing to achieve their aims and objectives. (D1) a detailed explanation of the wants and needs of the customers of the business. (D1) an explanation of how the use of internet marketing meets these wants and needs. (D1) an explanation of how the use of
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