Role Models As A Role Model

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“A role model is an imperfect person, not a perfect person, because that’s who we are as real people” (Jennifer Love Hewitt) Everyone one needs somebody to look up to. During the video of the greatest love of all Whitney Huston shows a couple of things. She wants tries to prove a point during the video. The point she is trying to prove is that everyone needs a role model or even someone to look up to.
When you’re a little kid most of the time your first role models are a doctor, firefighter, or a teacher. Most kids look up to them because they save lives. When kids think of doctors, they think of someone helping their ailments. They look at firefighters as a positive role model because they save people out of fires. They see them as role models because they are helping someone while putting their life at risk. Kids most of the time think that teachers are role models because they see them in the class room helping them. The teacher’s best intentions are for the kids to get better and grow. That’s why some kids look up to teachers. These are some of the common role models for kids. There are so many different role models. Its honestly up to the person to look up to them. Every man for himself. Everyone has their own opinion. Your role model is the person in your opinion you look up to. No one else can tell you who and what you can look up to.
During the video Whitney Hutson is trying to show flash backs of her life. In the beginning, she shows a little girl and an older lady

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