Role Models Influence Us As Humans

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Role models influence us as humans. We use our parents, community leaders, and even celebrities to shape ourselves in a similar way to them. Media, like a role model, influences society. Also, media, which society creates, is also the tool that shapes and moulds it. The theory that media (technology) shapes society – technological determinism – is introduced by Canadian scholars Harold Innis and Marshall. Though this is a technologically determinist way of looking at communication, the different modes of communication (media) – oral, literate, and electronic –influence society through the way we store knowledge, through the manner in which we share knowledge, and through the way we connect with each other socially.
First, the oral mode of communication influenced society through the way we store knowledge. In an oral society, particular members of society store important knowledge. For instance, in First Nations communities in Canada the Elders store their history and tradition and share it with the future generations. In the book Aboriginal Perspectives, the Kainai Board of Education, who educates the Nitsitapi tribal members in Alberta, states that “past generations depend upon Elders to pass along their stories, and future generations depend on the young to learn and remember the Elder’s knowledge” (KBE 50). This society depends heavily on its members to survive. As a result, separating the members of this society can result in the loss of vital knowledge –for example,

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