Role Models Of A Good Role Model

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1)A role model is "a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people."("the definition of role model", 2016). A good role model has to demonstrate multiple qualities . They are people who other employees look to in times of crisis and for support as well. Role models have to lead by example and demonstrate abilities that reflect what the organization requires of the employees. The status of role models is much like the status of celebrities where each move they make, be it professional or in social context is judged, but unlike celebrities the role models actions also impact the reputation of their organization. A good role model 's qualities are many but I personally have nine that i want to discuss and believe are essential. These qualities are;" Optimism, Confidence, Hard work, Uniqueness, Communication, Respect, Knowledge, Well Rounded and Empathy." (Western, 2016) Firstly i believe if i were a role model i would want to be optimistic. I would like to explore new opportunities as well as explore new horizons and to challenge myself to achieve things others think impossible. This encourages employees at work and in life. Carrying oneself with confidence says a lot about a person. It makes you look sure of yourself when dealing with tasks knowing that you can and will complete it. This rubs off on employees as well. Success without hard work is impossible. I believe if you want others to work hard for you, you

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