Role Models in Today's Society

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Role model, this phrase forms an interesting play on words. Although it has come to have a variety of connotations, from a source of inspiration to a social icon, the word quite literally means a model for a role, a person one can strive to emulate. The notion of role model is unequivocally associated with the youth. It is the young, with the unlimited possibility of the future before them, who are influenced by the people the aspire to emulate. This is why the question of role models become important, as an insight into the views of the leaders of tomorrow. The role models people choose reflect the type of values that the hold dear and the type of society they will create in the years to come. There was a time when the youth of the…show more content…
When men are claimed successful based on the size of their bank accounts and the type of car they drive, their trophy wife on their arm. Are these the role models we want to for the next generation. The true role models of our day are those giving their lives for freedom dedicating their efforts to making the world we live in a better place. True heroes lie opposed to our societies concept of role models. It is time to re-examine the role of a role model in our society today if we want to see the next generations become upright citizens of sound moral and ethical bare, determined to right the wrong of our world. Today the youth may emulate pop princesses and antagonistic athletes as their role models, but unsurprisingly the dreams of our youth are remarkable similar to those generations past. They still yearn for success and hanker after the realisation of their dreams. The only difference is that society’s views of what accounts for success have mutated. No longer do we as a people consider the two parent family life in the suburbs with a while picket fence and beautiful children a worthy life. The role models of yester year encapsulated the belief that success stemmed from having a strong moral foundation upon which we built our homes, lives and our

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