Role Of A Chief Financial Officer

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The role of a Chief Financial officer in an SME was not an easy one to assume, especially coming from a background of a senior cost accountant in a large unionized manufacturing environment where masculinity, force and aggression was respected. The new role, an opportunity offered by Interchem Limited, coupled with a strong desire to achieve career growth resulted in a personal risk being taken and the job accepted. The position called for the management of the company’s finances on a daily basis as well as the management of a staff compliment of over thirty. This proved to be somewhat challenging as it was a combination of role of the Human Resources Manager and the Head of Finance. The cold despot borne out of necessity at Carib Brewery Finance Department was now being shaped by this dynamic environment. By 2013, the roles were learnt and out-grown, the author was promoted to the General Manager. This post encompassed the roles of CFO and Head of Human Resources and this meant now applying the concept of working smarter, not harder .The increased levels of responsibility resulted in the author regressing to the familiar impersonal, controlling and dictatorial approach to the staff, and as such there was an increase in dissident behavior. The author found herself in a role where her emotionless management style was not appropriate. The author realized that personal changes had to be made if her long term vision of being a positive influence in the work force while being…
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