Role Of A Community Nurse

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Promoting health literacy is vital in maintaining the health and well being of the community and the individuals within it. Social determinants are the surroundings in that people are born, live, age, work and grow, ultimately effecting how individuals comprehend their own health literacy (Davis & Chapa 2015). As a community nurse it is essential to update professional knowledge as well as generate new knowledge in promotion for health literacy. This essay will explore the role of a community nurse in a drop-in clinic for under 20’s, in relation to alcohol misuse. It will highlight the importance of effective health promotion strategies to improve decision-making and health literacy of young adolescence in the community. Social determinants of health, principles of primary health care, along with community health principles and approaches as a means of promoting health strategies, will also be mentioned within this essay. Exercising health literacy allows health professionals to uphold consistency of care to individuals and allows the health care system to increase and maintain the quality of care for the community whilst breaking down barriers to health literacy. Having a healthy population is becoming increasingly important across Australian communities (Baur, 2011). Health literacy is the cognitive and social skills, which enables and establishes the ability of individuals to gain access and comprehend the use of information, in ways that maintain and promote good
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