Role Of A Human Resource Department

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Role and Function of a Human Resource Department
Human resources (HR) are so much more than the traditional view of an administrative function within the organization. If properly developed and initiated HR can become a strong, strategic business partner. This paper looks at the purpose and role of human resources as a strategic partner as well as its impact on the responsibilities of an HR department.
Purpose and Role
As businesses evolve and grow so do the purpose and role of an HR department. Once traditionally thought of only as an administrative department, HR has grown to become a vital part in any strategic organization. The traditional role for HR professionals focuses on recruitment, selection, salary, benefits, training, evaluation, rewards, and discipline. In many organizations, executives feel that their managers can do the work eliminating the need for HR. Human resources can be applied to any activity within the organization (Nica, 2013). HR professionals focus on finding the appropriate balance of workforce supply and how efficient and productive the workforce is. Employees are now being recognized as a vital asset to an organization 's success and have extended the strategic role of a HR department (Anca & Ramona, 2013).
Responsibilities of the HR Department
From the traditional administrative department, human resources take on essential responsibilities to increase organizational performance. HR has begun to focus on employee development and
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