Role Of A Military Contractor, Strong Communication Skills Essay

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As an employee of a military contractor, strong communication skills are not only vital in my line of business, but are considered the standard norm. Not only must I possess strong verbal and reading skills, I must also be able to write in a clear and concise manner that is dependent upon strong vocabulary skills. My role within my organization is that of a Compliance Advisor, ensuring all the Federal Regulations are accurately interpreted and in place prior to the shipment of our ballistic weapons to a foreign military entity. What does this mean? I must read, clarify, and strictly adhere to all Federal International Trade Regulations provided by the US State and the US Commerce Departments prior to any product leaving our facility. How do I do this? Prior to entering into a business agreement with a foreign company or military entity, I am required to use these Regulations and create either a License or an Agreement, a types of business contracts that specifically explains who the foreign customer is, what will/will not be provided to the foreign customer, and how the item/service being provided will be used, and submit this document to the correct governing Federal Department, who will then review and approve or deny our request. Once the request is approved, my headaches…err, hard work begins. I have to ensure all caveats of the approval are adhered to (the Government cannot just say yes, they have to define why they are saying yes and how you are to make sure
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