Role Of A System Analyst Has A Holistic View Of An Organization 's Business Model

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Factors such as; a more informed user community, need for new systems with enhanced functionality and a shift towards cooperative systems developments have shaped the role of a system analyst in recent days (Graf & Misic, 1993).

In organizations that range for small-scale businesses to multinational corporations there is a constant change in the external environment in which they operate that poses both threats and opportunities. This mandates companies to have an eye for opportunities and re-engineer their current business processes to accommodate changes to achieve a competitive advantage. According to me, Information System Analysis and Design is the process that is employed to implement improvements that help organizations adapt to
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But in most cases, companies want custom made software that best satisfies their requirements. As discussed by (Zhang, 2014) in class, there is no single off the shelf software application that can cater to the functional requirements of organizations. Hence, as mentioned by (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2008), I believe that system analysts adopt system analysis and design process to develop application software that is tailor made to accommodate the expectations or requirements of the client.


There are specific methodologies that organizations follow to develop and maintain their information systems. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a conventional methodology that organizations adopt for system analysis and design. This life cycle contains five phases such as planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2008). At every stage of the SDLC, system analysts cooperate with other business professionals, programmers, professionals and testers to determine the progress of the system analysis and design.

During the planning phase, the information needs of the organization are analyzed and translated into the project plan. An important outcome of the planning phase is the formulation of the project boundary or scope by the system analyst. Hence, this phase necessitates the collaboration between the project manager and system analysts
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