Role Of A Teacher In Education

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Understanding how children learn and therefore finding the best approach in how to educate students is the fundamental role of a teacher. If a teacher can properly understand the limitations that a student has in regard to learning and what inhibits them to be able to learn and then, in theory, a teacher can give them an individual approach to their education which will mean that they thrive in a classroom to the best of their ability. There are many theories regarding how a student is able to learn and a teacher would not be short in reading material to help them understand their students. However lots of these theories contradict one another and some have been tested on only a small number of subjects, some of whom are not even human. Throughout this essay I am going to be considering some of these theories and reflect on how they relate to the classroom and how useful they may be in practice. I am going to be considering examples from my own limited teaching practice and how effective and relevant these theories may be. This particular essay appealed to me due to my current teaching practice in a SEN school and I felt that considering this essay title would help to inform my own teaching the best. The students I teach epitomise Teacher’s Standard 5 and it is essential that I consider differentiation and adapting to a student’s needs in every lesson I teach, perhaps more directly than in a mainstream setting. Student’s in all schools however have differing needs and I will
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