Role Of A Teacher In The Lifelong Learning Sector

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Initial Teaching Assignment – ITA 1
The Lifelong learning sector is quite new compared to other sectors within the teaching industry. It is cultured from a government allegiance that helps to stimulate adults in the way they learn. This could be anything from a further education course to a work- based training programme. Lifelong learning is designed to actively encourage involvement whilst raising the bar of adult education after the school leaving age of sixteen. (Hitching, 2008)
My current role as a makeup teacher in the lifelong learning sector is to deliver structured and detailed lessons to students by using my own creativity and innovation to get my students to succeed. To do this it means I need to follow all my roles, responsibilities and boundaries that revolve around my subject specialism to the upmost professionalism and detail, so that all aims and objectives for me as a teacher and my students will be achieved and the highest standard of teaching is given. The roles that I have as a teacher are to plan and write up structured, detailed and engaging lesson plans that I can deliver to my students and keep them engaged, informed, motivated and bring out the best of their creativeness and knowledge during every lesson to help them meet and achieve all their targets, aims and objectives that are needed to help them pass the course. As a teacher another plan that falls between my roles and my responsibilities is that I need to make slots for tutorials where
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