Role Of Academic Self Efficiency On The Relation Between Task Importance And Test Anxiety

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Rachelle Folger Research Article Assignment Test Anxiety Role of academic self-efficiency in moderating the relation between task importance and test anxiety. Citation in APA Format: Nie, Y., Lau, S., & Liau, A. K. (2011). Role of academic self-efficiency in moderationg the relation between task importance and test anxiety. Learning and Individual Differences, 21(6), 736-741. Purpose of the study: The purpose of the study was to provide information about potential ways to reduce test anxiety; whether academic self-efficiency could moderate the maladaptive relation between task importance and test anxiety. Test scores a very important aspect of our society today, because of this students have a lot of pressure to do will and obtain…show more content…
Task importance is a person perceived importance of the task. Interest, importance and usefulness are the three components of task value. this study suggest that test anxiety was heightened with a perceived increase of task importance. High task importance can be thought of as a threat if the person thinks they will fail the test. This also depends on the importance value of the subject. Other studies have shown that there is a positive correlation with task importance and anxiety. Task importance can be a motivation. If the subject or test is important the student will be more dedicated and engaged in learning the subject, therefore more studying will be done. For some students task importance is not a good thing. Taking task importance out of the equation not the way to solve this issue, but finding a moderator could be a sensible solution. An individual’s belief that they have the ability to succeed is self-efficiency. This is the moderator that will allow the student to do well in each of his/her classes and be successful in school. If every student believes they will do well in school, devote themselves to studying and actually student improvements will be seen. This moderator is a big step in solving test anxiety and will allow for better grades and less stressed out students. According to Bandura self-efficacy is what protect people from psychological strains. Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief that they have
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