Role Of Advertising On Consumer Emotion Management

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The purpose of this essay is mainly to make critical analysis of one paper selected from the specific journal. As the specific journal, this essay will select the paper from international journal of advertising, which is named as the role of advertising in consumer emotion management. According to the number of being cited, this paper should be meaningful and thoughtful, and thus people actively absorb more useful knowledge and theory relating to role of advertising in consumer. As a consequence, the main contents of this report will analyse author’s opinions and evaluate these. Besides advantages and disadvantages of this paper will be discussed fully and critically. Therefore, it is good for improving abilities of coping with different marketing information and it can also make the foundation for completing this report successfully in future.
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To investigate this paper thoroughly, it is necessary to clarify the specific contents at the beginning of evaluating this paper. The research objective of it is mainly to explore the role of advertising in consumer emotion management(Kemp et al., 2012). Consumer emotion is an essential part of deciding whether they want to purchase products, which is given an importance to by many authors (Grant et al., 2012;Belanche et al., 2013). However, this paper has its own advantages that stresses the importance of emotion when consumer intends to develop behavioural intentions and prefectural thinking.
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