Role Of An Artist Manager On The Music Industry

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Final Industry Paper

An Artist Manager’s role in the music industry is always changing with the increasing possibilities of technology and a manager’s responsibilities to their artists are numerous and valuable. These manager’s are subject to a heavy workload with the hopes of a hefty pay-off, and their goal is to develop the career of an artist or group as well as balancing the success of their own career. The functions of an Artist Manager influence multiple revenue streams for an artist and the key elements of the artist-manager relationship, elements of a contract, how the manager plans to achieve an artist’s goals, an understanding of target markets, and the manager’s understanding and education of the music and entertainment industry provide the keys to success for an artist and help create a timeless product.

The functions of an Artist Manager include the planning, organizing, leading and directing, and controlling that go into achieving the goals of their artist. The plan is the roadmap to success, and each artist has their own individual goals that they would like to accomplish throughout their career in the music industry. It is the manager’s job to assemble the necessary resources that will help carry out the plan including how to finance it. They must assign each of the other team member’s responsibilities, and this includes the duties of the booking agent, business manager, publisher, label, etc; all of which execute an artist’s career plans. The manager then…
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