Role Of Animals In Life Of Pi

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The adventure novel—Life of Pi revolves around a 17 year old Indian boy who had an inconceivable journey with a tiger on the Pacific Ocean. When Pi and his family moved to Canada, the ship sank by the catastrophe. Pi’s family died by this tragedy, but Pi survived on a small boat. Although there’re several animals on the boat, only Pi and Richard Parker survived at the end of th adventure which happened on the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, Richard Parker left Pi away, and he went to the forest without any reaction. In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, animals play a significant role in the story by displaying Pi’s changing personality, the friendship between Pi and Richard Parker, and the belief of humans and animals are equal. Animals play a significant role in the story by displaying Pi’s changing personality. When Pi was tired and slept at the sea, he started to dream: “ I kept thinking I had slept and was awaking after dreaming of a tiger” ( Martel 61). This is an important point to represent Pi’s characteristic beginning to change. Tigers are predator and stronger than Pi. When Pi dreams of a tiger, it…show more content…
Animals imagery can change the story to male it more attractive and mysterious. In this adventure, Pi lost everything. At the beginning of the novel, Pi was surrounded by animals instead of humans. At the end, Pi was alone on an island. Richard Parker is not only the tiger, but also Pi’s best friend or even Pi’s shadow. However, Richard Parker used to live in the forest, and Pi needs go back to the real world. Therefore, the animals imagery can maintain Pi’s shadow—Richard Parker in his mind forever; moreover, this adventure of Pacific Ocean is an unforgettable and valuable memory which was happened on Richard Parker which is a tiger and a courageous Indian
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