Role Of Animals In Mesolithic Times

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Mesolithic humans needed to manipulate nature to advance. For all of the Paleolithic period and the beginning of the Mesolithic period, animals were wild and untamed. This made it hard for people to productively move a large group of animals from one place to another. It was also much harder to slaughter an undomesticated animal than a domesticated one. When you are already crunched for time trying to survive, you cannot afford the time it takes to kill a wild animal who is running around like crazy. When animals became domesticated all of these troubles went away. It was easier for people to move herds of animals from one grazing spot to another, it was easier and quicker to slaughter animals. Naturally, animals are untamed, a necessary aspect…show more content…
Dogs were also domesticated. Unlike dogs, cows, goats, and pigs were mainly used for food and their coats. However, dogs were used for hunting, and guarding property. Dogs are very useful for hunting because they can smell animals from very far away. They also can provide protection if you get ambushed by a herd of animals or another group of hunters. Being able to leave your property and possessions, knowing that they will be there is a very comforting feeling. One way someone could do this in the Mesolithic period is guard dogs. Dogs were very vicious, strong fighters. If your dog(s) were guarding your property they would guard it or die trying. Another very important advancement of humans. The ability to store water was essential to humans advancement. Without it, humans would not have been able to make it through winters and droughts. If they didn’t figure out how to craft a bowl from clay they would have had no way of storing water. In severe conditions such as a drought, when there is no water to be found, or in the winter, when all the water is frozen solid, the ability to store water in your shelter was huge. Before people made pottery they had to go and find water when they were thirsty, but with the invention of pottery, they can store as much as their pottery can
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