Role Of Animals In Ww2

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Animals in World War Two

When you think about WWII, you usually think of men, blood, and Adolf Hitler and his Nazi army. What most people don't think about is the other type of soldier. The ones with four legs and fur. These furry soldiers packed supplies, led troops through rough terrains, scouted for bombs, and sometimes simply were pets. Whatever they were, though, they helped the world through rough times with their strength and support.

Horses have always been good war animals, as well as camels, mules, and even elephants. At the start of WWII, over fifty-six thousand horses and mules were in use by the U.S. Army. They carried soldiers into battle and packed supplies over many miles. As war production increased, though, there was less use for horse and mules. Instead, the army used mechanisms such as Jeeps and airplanes to get around and do battle. However, their use in other countries stayed. Up until they got tanks, the Russian Cassock Cavalry was one of the best in the world. The German Army used horses in guard duty and battle. In their fight against Japan, the Chinese used horses very successfully against the enemy.

Another animal who has always been a great use in war is the dog. He was used in WWII for many purposes, including
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These animals are the soldier’s pets. Cats, dogs, birds, and many other types of animals have played this special role. Even though they don't go into battle, they are just as important. War can make a person crazy. The pets that the men come back to give them something to take care of, something to live for, something to love. Even Adolf Hitler had a pet, a German Shepherd Dog named Blondie. Later, he also kept her puppy. An American soldier adopted a kitten he found while fighting Japan. Many soldiers had a dog, a cat, or some other pet to keep them company. Some people even kept birds or
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