Role Of Banking Sector From Personnel Essay

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INTRODUCTION Banking sector viewed from personnel angle has its peculiarities. It is a labour intensive industry and competence of employees has got a bearing on the value of services offered. This being the case, it should have been likely that professionalization of management of personnel should have earned superior precedence but sadly personnel happened to be the most deserted facet of banks management. The emblematic functioning of banks per se does not entail any kind of professional training and is an industry where it is robustly believed that anything can be done by everyone and as one knows no body does much to the affluence of the organization. This feature is additionally noticed by the fact that banks function in a seller’s market with entire nonexistence of an element of competition and the prices of deposits accepted is ascertained by the banks, but by an external agency like the RBI and the GOI. In such a sheltered environment, the call for professionalization of bank management was by no means felt personnel happened to be managed by a non-expert and generally by an average officer who could not or else flourish on banking operations.
21st century HR is budding to distinctively merge activities and processes of human resource management (HRM), human resource development (HRD), and organizational development (OD), three fields that “grew up” divergent from each other. The prime trepidation of the bank should be to bring in appropriate amalgamation of
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